Fiesta by Kalimba

I took a month long break from most things “Spanish”.  I needed it! This week I started looking at the newest music that has come out in the past month, and found several songs of interest to me.  Rather than go with a favorite group (Morat) or singer (Sebastian Yatra), I decided to work with a singer that offered a different genre or style of music.  I am sharing what I have done freely, for the time being.  At some point in time, I may move it to TpT, but for now, I would just like to share and get some feedback.

fiesta 1

This very catchy song may be good for a variety of levels of Spanish, including Spanish I. However, there are a few lines that might be interpreted to be inappropriate. I have not done anything with these lines. They are not included in the activities. It has been my experience that with the proper focus, students will not notice this in the second language unless we bring their attention to it.  With the repeated, “Hay una fiesta, hay una fiesta en mi corazón” and use of many of the super 15 verbs, I believe that the song is a good one for many students.

fiesta 2

Suggested order of activities

  1. Begin with the slide presentation (slides 1 – 7) to introduce the readings and, eventually, the song. Use a variety of questions in the PQA framework to establish meaning, context and connection.
  2. Use any or all of the embedded readings. Do NOT play the song or watch the video yet.
  3. Use any or all of the activities for “Catchy Chorus”. Use ONLY the music, not the video yet. Sing it!
  4. Use any or all of the activities for “Primeros Versos”.
  5. Watch the first minute, 25 seconds of the video. Re-read an embedded reading. Listen and watch again. Talk about what they hear and comprehend.
  6. Watch the entire video. Sing parts of it!
  7. Read the brief introduction to the singer Kalimba.

Sample of Embedded readings:

Versión 1

Hay tres amigos. Están en un restaurante. Es viernes.  Quieren comer hamburguesas. Siempre comen hamburguesas los viernes.  La mesera llega. Ella dice, – Hola, ¿qué van a ordenar?

Un chico responde, – Hola, yo quiero el paquete 1.

La mesera le dice al otro chico, – ¿Y tú?

El chico dice, – Quiero una hamburguesa, mi amor.

La mesera responde, – ¿Algo más?

Y el chico dice, – Tu número.

Versión 3

Hay tres amigos que están en un restaurante del estilo de los años 50.

Isaac pregunta, – ¿Qué me voy a pedir?

Su amigo Mau responde, – Lo mismo de todos los viernes. No sé ni por qué vemos el menu.

Isaac dice, – No, pero mira las papitas calientes.

-Sí,- responde Ricardo, -Están subiendo por el dólar.

Isaac exclama, -¡Uush!

Enfrente de los tres amigos hay un hombre que se llama Kalimba.  Está hablando con la mesera y ella le pregunta, -¿Lo mismo de siempre? Y él responde que sí.  (see document for full text)


Since this song is quite a departure from what I typically would work with, I would really appreciate your feedback.  Is this something that you think you might be able to use? Do you like the song? Which activities do you think would work for you and your students?  Thanks in advance.

8 thoughts on “Fiesta by Kalimba

  1. This is great! I wouldn’t necessarily use the song either, but I really like how you set up the different activities (reading, introduction to the artist, discussion a la Movie Talk). Your kids will enjoy it, too. 🙂

  2. Wow! This is really great stuff. I plan to use it to kick the year off in both levels 3 and 4. So catchy and fun. I think the kids will really like it, especially since it is different from anything we’ve done so far. I can’t thank you enough!

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