Robo en la Noche


Snow days, snow days….give me an opportunity to get caught up with lots of things.  Even provides enough time to attempt to write another blog post!

Teaching and planning Spanish III with a great colleague, Megan Matthews, the past few years, and we have really hit our stride. We are currently in Chapter 5 of Robo en la noche, (written by Kristy Placido) and I could not be more convinced that reading, comprehensible input and these TPRS novels are the way to really help our students acquire language easily AND TO RETAIN IT. It’s one thing to say that we are reading a novel in Spanish, but it is just so much more.  This is our second time with Robo; the first time we relied extensively on the wonderful resources of Cynthia Hitz, while creating some of our own. This time around, we have added extensively to our supplementary activities. We have incorporated music, history, geography, culture, manipulatives, listening, speaking….you name it.  This is my wikipage with all of the resources that we have developed. You can click on the menu bar for the chapters; the work is in descending order, meaning that the oldest is on the bottom of the page.

We began our study of Costa Rica with the students NOT knowing where the story would be located.  We used a Primer Dia Opening Activity, combined with a smartboard presentation that we created as well as part of this video (cut so that it didn’t show the words Costa Rica/Pura Vida) , to have students begin to make some guesses as to where we were going and what it might involve. After guessing, correctly, the students then worked with partners and laptops to develop a further base of knowledge with Primer Dia. We also spent time with the song Percance Pura Vida by Percance….a song that they LOVED singing, especially the chorus!

If you visit my wikispace you will have access to the smartboards and other papers developed for the book.  There are links to TOCA boards, Picture retells, Who Said What, Kahoot and vocabulary work. Additionally, I collect resources on my Pinterest board for Robo.  I am sending everything to Carol Gaab for formal approval (hopefully).

Hope this helps some of you who are working with this awesome book!

9 thoughts on “Robo en la Noche

  1. I’m trying to access your Robo en la Noche materials on your wiki but don’t see any links. Help? I have the books and would love some resources to go with it.

  2. I love all your resources!! Thank you! I introduce Robo with the song Playa, montaña y sol by Los ajenos. The song has lots of info about Costa Rica. I made an embedded reading with the first part of the song. Let me know if you want any of the materials for this song.

      • Here are the files for the song. This is my first attempt to Embedded Reading. Feel free to make them available to other.


        On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 5:19 PM, elmundodebirch wrote:

        > sraslb commented: “Thank you! I would love to see the materials for this > song!” >

  3. Hi there, I was reading the comments and I saw a comment about the song Playa montaña y sol by los Ajenos. Do you happen to have the files she mentioned in her comment? I can’t click on anything!

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