Esperanza y Gaby Moreno

cover of bookSchool starts in just a few days.  For the first time, I’m going to be starting the school year with the novel Esperanza by Carol Gaab. There are some superb lesson plans and activities that have been developed by Martina Bex and Profe Hanson. I will be using a lot of their material, but I’m also going to be creating some of my own….particularly dealing with music, and for this book, music from Guatemala.

I absolutely love the voice and music of Gaby Moreno.  She has a beautiful song called Ave que emigra, that I believe will help me transition into the central issue of immigration, reasons and causes.

I have developed activities that are designed to be done over at least two days. Our work with the song will  begin with watching the first minute of it and identifying what is seen.  It will continue with some ordering of the first two verses, some comprehension questions for those verses, a short cloze activity, some discussion with a partner, a retell in your own words, some work with synonyms and antonyms, interpretation of the title of the song, a reflection of the significance of the title in English, and drawing of choice lyrics.  If you would like to see the document, here it is: Ave Que Emigra por Gaby Moreno.




7 thoughts on “Esperanza y Gaby Moreno

  1. 2 other immigration songs that you might want to use are the following Adios Palomita by Chejere and Un Beso y Una Flor by Fito Paez. Both songs can be found on Spotify! Lastly, I am sure that you have seen this documentary, but if you haven’t, I would highly recommend the documentary “The Other Side of Immigration.” I felt like it did an excellent job of opening my student’s eyes to the issue.

    As always, thank you for your excellent ideas!

    • Thanks for the song suggestions, I wasn’t familiar with either one! I also use the documentary “The Other Side of Immigration”, and I agree with you….it was a excellent video for my students. Thank you again!

  2. I read this post before starting Esperanza and used Ave que emigra with my class. They loved it! And the best part was that 2 of my girls who sing and play guitar asked if they could record it and send me a copy of it. I just got it and it is wonderful! I’m so excited that they connected with. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

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