Spanish Music Database UPDATED


It has taken me the better part of this afternoon to accomplish….here it is, updated again with a total of 1292 songs!!  100 more songs since just January!  Spanish Music Database 2 OFFICIAL-1

In the form of an EXCEL spreadsheet, it is sortable by artist, title, grammar, vocabulary, culture, and country.  It also contains all of the youtube links.  When I started this database more than 4 years ago, I never dreamed that it would become so large.  I definitely need to put it in a new format.  Suggestions?

I welcome your suggestions for additional music, too!!!  Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Spanish Music Database UPDATED

  1. wow, this is great! I can’t imagine how long it took you to do this… let alone just listening to the songs! thanks for sharing, i only have a few “go-to” songs to use in language classes, so this is super helpful to change it up and add a few more.

    • I’m glad that it will be helpful for you! I didn’t do this in just one afternoon….I meant that I added 100 songs in that afternoon!!! It is a labor of love. I use music in my classes every single day. I used to be able to carry the titles/grammar/themes, etc. in my head, until it just got to be too much! That’s when I started the database. I constantly am saving new finds to my Pinterest account, and when I am overloaded, I add them to the database! I’d love to hear what new songs you may be using. Thanks for writing!

      • This is really, really great. Thanks for your generosity in sharing all your hard work! I’ve got a fun summer project ahead of me, to listen to as many of these as I can.

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  3. Que genial eres! Gracias por compartir todo esto! Yo tambien uso musica en mis clases casi todos los dias- tengo un cuaderno de argollas que esta a punto de explotar y que es muy desorganizado!

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