Music Database updated

music_4_2012The music database that I began creating almost 4 years ago has been updated again.  It now contains 1,195 Spanish songs.  The songs are categorized by:

  • artist
  • title
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • culture focus
  • country
  • youtube link

Spanish Music Database 2 OFFICIAL-1

I’ve also been pinning new music on Pinterest as I discover it.  My music Pinterest board can be found here. It contains songs that I haven’t yet categorized in my database, too.

Activities and suggestions for using music can be found here and here. If you are interested in what I am currently doing, or what music I am using, here is a link for Spanish III and one for Spanish IV. Click on the appropriate chapter (the lowest one in the link that is activated), and it will take you to where my classes are at the moment.

Since I use music everyday as one of my most important authentic resources, I am always looking for additional songs.  If you have suggestions, or favorites, I would welcome them.

7 thoughts on “Music Database updated

  1. Kiko Rivera’s “Victory” is fun for a unit on los deportes! I used it with my students as an introduction to sports vocabulary and we also discussed the meaning behind the song (encouragement and motivation, national pride, etc).

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  3. Just found the fruits of your labor. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the work that goes into maintaining this list. I just linked your site to my wiki…

  4. This is absolutely wonderful! I am teaching introductory Spanish to 6-8th graders with little to no exposure to the language. Can you suggest any songs with English subtitles that would expose them to the beat and culture without being too “mature “such that we could not use it in school nor too “juvenile” such that they would be interested and not insulted? I know this is a tall order. Thank you so much for your generosity regarding your work product as it is bringing the love of the language to so many!

    • Thank you! Do you know that you can easily add your own captions/subtitles to any video? If you google it, you will find all kinds of help. Right off the top of my head, music that is appropriate but not already subtitled, Tengo tu love (Sie7e), Mi Nina Bonita (Chino y Nacho), Fotografia (Juanes), Chocolate or Espacio Sideral (Jesse y Joy), El distractor or No me metas a mi Facebook (Esteman), any of the covers that Kevin, Karla y La Banda do (they have a youtube account), Wavin Flags (the version by David Bisbal y K’naan), La Lista (Aldrey), lots of Carlos Baute…….there are just so many. I made the decision this summer that my database is just too big and cumbersome to continue. Therefore, I switched to posting new music finds on my Pinterest board, which you can find here: I hope this helps!

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