Updated music database

Music Artists WordleI began my formal music database (meaning in Excel format), three years ago. I created the formal document when I could no longer keep all the music that I was using in my head!  That first document had about 300 songs, organized by artist, title, grammatical point, vocabulary, culture, country and youtube link.  I’ve updated it regularly over the last three years, usually every month or so.  The latest update brings the total number of songs to over 1,080.  I’ve been contacted by several people who say that they can’t find the database.  Hence the reason for this post.  The latest document is available on this page on my wikispace: Spanish Music Database

Also available on that page are links to the workshop that I did for both MFLA and  NECTFL.  Those links have specific activities for using the songs for vocabulary, grammar and culture.  I’ve been teaching a long time, and I have picked up activities from countless people along the way.  I owe them all…..many times anonymously!

As always, I encourage you to add artists!  I would really like to know who your favorites are….who your students enjoy….and how you use their music!

2 thoughts on “Updated music database

  1. The Spanish Music Database is an excellent resource, thank you very much!

    Thanks also for your workshops with the ideas for activities related to songs.

    I volunteered to teach Spanish in a high school this year, and included several songs for different levels.

    I produced several light-weight PDFs, that can optionally be printed, as well as show an integrated video/audio clip (if you have an internet connection) — in a way that focuses on the songs without “noise”/disturbances of different types (eg YouTube advertisements / “related” items).

    The PDFs are available at http://www.microtype.com/Spanish.html

    Note: The PDFs are intended for viewing using Windows/MacOS computers with the free Adobe Reader v9 or later (media will not be live when the PDF is viewed using iPad, Android or other mobile devices).

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