Picture Prompts

Somewhere, on Pinterest, I found many images that I felt would be useful to use for speaking or writing prompts.  They are filled with so many people/animals and activities that even the most reticent speaker has something to say.  While I projected the images on my SMARTboard, I also gave each student a black/white copy to examine in detail. To get my students going with the activity (which I used as a review activity several times in the last two weeks of school), I gave very specific directions. First I had them, with a partner, name all people/animals or things that they could.  I then asked them to list as many verbs as possible that might apply to the picture. Next, I asked them to create questions for their partner:   ¿Quiénes toman el sol? ¿Cuántos animales nadan?  Finally, I gave them a list of verbs to use and asked them to make oral sentences. This was the first one.Pool scene

Pool scene picture to describe

As I circulated the room, each pair was given an informal assessment grade, based on what I observed and heard.

Other images that I used: Park picturebeach sceneclass pictureMore images are available on my pinterest boards

:Conversation Prompts    

Writing Prompts

Obviously, these images make great writing prompts, too!


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