Q & A with a videoclip

A few weeks ago I wrote about a question and answer activity with a song.  This time, I’m using the same technique with a short video clip.  My Spanish III classes are studying Spain and sports, as well as reviewing preterite and imperfect and beginning to work with the present perfect.  This week we are going to focus on Madrid and Barcelona.  I’m introducing Madrid with this short clip done by Real Madrid players.

I’ll have my students watch the clip first, do a short share with partners about what they saw and can remember, and then we’ll watch it again, using this: Madrid video clip, soccer players Real Madrid Slide1After briefly reviewing their answers with their partner, I’ll have the students combine to make groups of four, and ask them to retell the information in the video.  They will fold their papers so that they are only able to see the answers (pictured above, with two foils).  They will not see the question prompts.

Hopefully, this brief introductory information will stimulate some natural curiosity, and will lead us to a deeper investigation into tapas, flamenco, and famous sites.

Madrid video clip additional script material.


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