Q & A with song lyrics

I was wrapping up the very large Juanes section of my music/social unit with my Spanish III classes this week when I decided to include one more song, one that I had not used in previous years: Segovia.  I have used a different tactic with each song in the unit, so I wanted something new for this one, too.  The lyrics of the song include some words that were very new, but important to the song, as well as words that we had been including in our unit but may not have been fully grasped by everyone.  I’ve bolded the words we have been including in our study below, and I have italicized the words that were brand new.

Un once de noviembre a las siete de la noche
Hombres armados dispararon sin reproches
Contra la gente del municipio de Segovia
Llovía cántaros, la plaza estaba llena
Varias granadas estallaron en cadena
El nordeste antioque
ño todo rojo se tornó
Es una canción por los que se murieron allá en Segovia
Y por todas las familias que fueron víctimas en Segovia
No van a desaparecer
Nunca jamás de la memoria
No van a desaparecer
Aunque los quieran desaparecer

Since the song very specifically tells the story of what happened in Segovia on the 11th of November, and one of our goals in Spanish III is to be able to narrate a story, I decided to pull the details of the story out of the song that would then become the answers to a series of questions.  I first had my students watch the video with the lyrics.  When it was done I asked them what they knew.  They quite accurately were able to tell me people died in November (they mixed up Nov. 11 and 7:00 at night), that there were victims, that it was raining, and that armed men shot. A few in each class were able to guess that grenades were involved and that they didn’t want memories to disappear.  Segovia por Juanes

Next I gave them the paper on which all of the key information had been placed randomly.  Slide1They listened to the song again (just the first minute and a half) without seeing the lyric video, and I asked them to put a check by every phrase that they heard.  After that, I had them count how many they had heard.  While some had only heard 5 – 7 of the phrases, most had heard 10 -13 (there are 13 phrases in total).  We then went through the phrases and they told each other what they meant, checking with me when they were unsure.  I then finished playing the song while they answered the questions at the bottom.  After having done that, they were very capable of narrating the story of what had happened in Segovia.

I liked this activity, and the students were actively engaged in it.  I have decided to apply the same type of exercise to a listening activity that my Spanish IV students will be doing on Monday, using a news video from BBC Mundo.  Música para alejarse de la violencia


8 thoughts on “Q & A with song lyrics

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  3. You are providing a great source for teachers. After 20 years of experience Spanish in the classroom myself, you are providing me great ideas to incorporate history, culture, and not to mention vocabulary and grammar. I appreciate and admire your talents and the time you devote to your students. I’m sure you are !Maestro Sobresaliente!.

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