El cajero de la felicidad….Coca Cola

I make a habit of incorporating current events into my classes several times a week.  I use videos from lots of different sources, but my mainstays are BBC Mundo, especially their Noticias en 60 Segundos, and of course, the incredible Zambombazo from Zachary Jones. I had just shared a video about the death of Hugo Chavez (requested by my students, which thrilled me since we had studied him previously).  We were talking about the reaction of the people and how their lives may change or not change.  Somehow the conversation shifted to Spain, and their problems with the economy.  One of my students asked me if I had seen the video from Coca Cola about an ATM of happiness.  I had not, but I happily googled it and we watched it.


We briefly discussed economics and their reactions to the video.  However, I decided to expand upon the video the next day.  I found this article (in English) about the commercial as well as another article about a flashmob in an unemployment office in Spain.  I was going to be absent from school the following day, so I created some activities to go with these videos. I took screen shots from the articles: coca cola 1coca cola 2Then, I created a brief activity for them to look for unfamiliar words and identify them through context.  Lastly, I asked them to write briefly about what they thought the reasons were for the making of this machine.  I got some interesting responses! The entire document, including all of the screen shots, can be found ATM de felicidad-1.


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