Just a quick post…..I’ve been using a poster site called desmotivar for a few months now. I’ve used it in several different fashions:

1.  to “pique” interest at the beginning of class

2.  to introduce a new concept without saying what it is

3.  to highlight vocabulary that we are currently working with

4.  to have students replace the text with their own text

A feature of the site that I really like is the desmotivaciones por temas.  I can easily click on the category that is of most interest to me and immediately be taken to appropriate media.  WARNING:  some of the posters may not be high school appropriate.  I do not send students to the site.  I put their media on my wikispace to use for my purposes.  Additionally, since anyone is encouraged to create and upload their creations, their are definitely errors on the posters (which can be a fun thing to do, too….spot the mistake).

post 3

post 2

ppost 1

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  1. ¡Qué casualidad! I’ve been using this site too! I find it a wonderful source of idiomatic expressions. Another activity we do with these memes is “find the error”. It’s a good way to reinforce spelling, capitalization, punctuation & accent rules, and very clearly brings home the message that not everything we see on the Internet is correct.

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