A different take on communicative activities

I am still bogged down in a food chapter (and review of the preterite)  with my Spanish III classes, and I’m really feeling the need to do some different activities.  Today, I was determined to create something unlike anything that I’ve used with them to date.  All of the activities are partner or small group activities.

The first activity involves giving each person a set of pictures and having them decide what pictures they will use to make their sandwich.  This decision is made without their partner knowing what they have decided.  They must then ask each other about the ingredients on their sandwich, drawing a picture of the sandwich of their partner and labeling it. This entire process should take about 5 minutes.  It could then be expanded by having the students write a description of the partner’s sandwich, including such key vocabulary phrases such as “Me da asco” or “Sabe delicioso” etc. qué tiene tu sandwich partner oral writing practice 7B

The second activity is working yet again with the preterite, including some irregular preterite verbs. And my final burst of creativity involves working with the food vocabulary, with each partner having a set of pictures.  Each group of four pictures for each partner will have 3 pictures that are the same, and one that is different.  Through questioning in the target language, they will determine what picture is different in each group.  A sample for Compañero A and Compañero B in below, with the full file here:  What picture is different Hidden picture work with partner.   If I were to create this activity again, I would try to make the pictures that are different for each partner be the ingredients in a particular dish.  That way, when the partners had discovered the differences, the next task would be to identify what those ingredients would make. 



8 thoughts on “A different take on communicative activities

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  4. A great recurso to go with this activity is the children’s book La Sandwich de Carla, escrito por Debbie Herman, publisher: Flashlight Press

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  6. I love information gap activities like this, I need to do more! My favorite information gap activity that I have had my students do is when they are learning to describe furniture and parts of a house. Partner A has a picture of a house or room. They have to describe what the house/room looks like (in Spanish) and Partner B draws it based on their description. At the end, they should compare their picture with the original. This is also a good idea for reviewing prepositional phrases of location (in that case, it wouldn’t have to be house vocabulary, it could have any theme).

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