Wiffiti, a fun tool for interaction!

This was the week that teachers in my district went back to school and I’ve been working on getting my wikispace set up for classes that begin on Monday.  One of the new tools that I am eager to try out this year is Wiffiti.  The description on their site reads:  Wiffiti publishes real time messages to screens in thousands of locations from jumbotrons to jukeboxes, bars to bowling alleys and cafes to colleges. 

This past week, several world language teachers in my department have been helping me experiment with Wiffiti.  I really like the fact that the text messages show up quickly on the screen, and that older messages fade back as newer messages come in.  It certainly is an attention getter!

How am I going to use this in my classes?  Well, every student that I know has a cellphone.  Initially I am going to post a question and have them text their answer, probably as they enter class.  When you text a response to the number on the screen, Wiffiti sends you a return text that gives you a user name.  Therefore, other students will not know who has posted what.  You can see the screen that I’ve created for my Spanish IV students here. I think I may use it for very brief homework assignments, too.  Additionally, I like the fact that I am able to embed the screen on my wiki and keep the content relatively private.  However, until I actually get to see how it works, and how the students respond to it, I can’t say a lot….but I have high hopes.

I’m also very interested in using Poll everywhere for a bit more structured feedback.  After I’ve experimented with it, I may write a post about it.  Right now I have an open ended response screen set up for my Spanish III classes here.

To have a bit of fun, I decided to create one for experimental purposes here.  Hopefully some of you will respond with a message! Click here to see the sample screen for this blog.

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