Assessments for the “Travel” chapter

Yesterday I wrote about activities that I used last year to get students to talk, specifically when in the travel chapter of our Spanish III curriculum and I got a response from Ken Daves asking me how I assessed students at the end of the chapter.  The chapter included travel vocabulary, continuing work with the preterite and imperfect, beginning work with the present subjunctive, and a “culture capsule” for Argentina.  For the culture part of the chapter, I had students create a PhotoPeach , which I talked about in an earlier post.

I assessed vocabulary acquisition informally through all of the partner work that I described yesterday, but I also used a formal assessment that I had never tried before.  I did not tell the students in advance and I did not call it a quiz.  I gave them this paper and told them to draw what the sentences said (reminding them that stick figures rock!).  They could choose three of the four to illustrate (the first one was the easiest)Their response was positive, they did not think of the work in terms of it being a quiz, and I was very pleased with the results, which definitively indicated that they had command of the vocabulary.  I wish that I had saved some of their work so that I could share it here, but I returned it all to them.

At the end of the unit, I had students imagine that they were on a really interesting trip.  Their assessment was  to write (PBT Capítulo 10 Una Tarjeta Postal) a postcard to a classmate describing the trip.  They did not get to choose to whom they wrote (or I would have had some people receiving 5 postcards and others none), instead, I had them draw a name from my hat and write to that person.  They turned in their postcard on the assigned due date, and I delivered the postcard to the recipient, who then had to complete a Peer Evaluation PBT Capítulo 10 La Tarjeta Postal.  Each student received a grade for doing the review, and I formally assessed each postcard.


2 thoughts on “Assessments for the “Travel” chapter

  1. Any suggestions on the verbs gustar and the like? I would like to use something different than the food unit. Thanks for your help.

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