The PBT (Performance Based Task) for Chapter 9 in Exprésate 3 is for students to write a children’s story such as a fairy tale or an adventure story.  This year I gave my students the option of creating a traditional paper book, or creating one online.  Roughly half of the class chose the version online.  The program that they used is called Kerpoof, learning through creativity.

The site further states: “Kerpoof’s multimedia software is used by kids worldwide to create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more.”  Based on the website it is intended for use for students K-8, however my students are juniors in high school, and they loved working with the site.      For our purposes we used the section of the site called Tell a Story, where students have the option of choosing between 6 storylines:  inventors, fantasy, winter tales, aliens, rock party and pirates.   The choices were perfect for our purpose.  You click on your theme and you then are able to add backgrounds, characters, text, etc.  It is very user friendly.  When you are finished creating, there are several options, including e-mailing a link to the finished product, which is how my students submitted their work to me.  One problem  with the program for language teachers is that there is no way to include accent marks (that I could discover).  Here are links to two of their stories.  A word of caution:  the stories contain many, many grammatical errors.  However, I have insisted all year that communication was the most important focus for us.  I prefer, at this stage of their language learning, to opt for meaning over grammatical correctness.  I hope that you are able to ignore the errors and to see the value in the creative powers of Kerpoof.

Una chica independiente



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